Tuesday, August 02, 2011

One Young World Co-founder Kate RobertsonTalking About My Work

After the One Young World Conference in February 2010, I was selected as a Impact Ambassador for Media Impact. Being an impact ambassador, I was asked to write a resolution for media impact and a call for action. This is what I have written after attending several meetings and conference call via Skype with One Young World board members, five other impact ambassadors, few selected ambassadors and One Young World staffs.

 "In the belief that all people must have access to full and free information to foster democracy and hold governments, corporations, and individuals accountable, we demand that governments publish media policies and cease censorship, particularly of international media and social networking sites that make knowledge accessible and affordable to all citizens.

We call upon One Young World Delegates to go to governments and request that they explain their media policies and publish and publicise their government's response using social media."

The call for the action will be voted in One Young World conference which is going to held in zurich Switzerland from 1-3 September. However, still I am in search of 1050 euro for sponsorship. Every individual can support any amount (minimum 10 Euro) directly here at my profile Profile and Sponsorship for Sunita Basnet . I would be happy to discuss what I can do for you in return. The below is what the co-founder has said about my work.

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