Friday, September 23, 2011

Global Dignity Helping to Find the Value of Human Life

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“In a world where it seems no one agrees on anything; a world where politics divide, where religion divides, and where race and even cultural borders seem to divide, dignity is something that everyone can agree on” Co-founders, Global Dignity.
Dignity as a common concept, more than 700 exceptional young leaders under 40 at the forum of young global leaders of the World Economic Forum initiate the concept Global Dignity Day as an international day for dignity every year on October 2010 in a numbers of countries all over the world.
This year the official dignity day is Thursday 20 October 2011. Global Dignity is an autonomous non-profit, non-criticism and non-partisan initiative that wish to be inspiration- and encouraging best practice and dignity-centered leadership. The mission of the global dignity organization is to “implement the universal right of every human being to lead a dignified life.” The organization believes that people have the ability to increase the dignity of others and as a result we increase our own dignity. The dignity approached is assumed to works on all levels: Children, adults, men and women including in both micro and macro level because all people need dignity to lead a human life.
A dignifying world provides everyone with equal opportunities in life and dignifies everyone's life regardless of the cards that fate has dealt you. “In a dignifying world, one's fate does not depend on one's "reproductive luck," that is, on the stars under which you happened to be born, the economic and social status of one's parents. Therefore, the thinking behind dignity includes also the ability to identify with the lives of others, the ability to "Imagine that we were 'us' just like now, except that 'I' would be 'you' and 'you' would be 'me'." Action has dignity only if I could feel dignified if I were treated in the way I'm treating the other person.”
Recently Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has also joined our Honorary Board. Besides the most interesting things is that more than 40 countries will be participating in Global Dignity Day, and Dignity sessions are being planned for over 100,000 students on October 20th 2011 (this year).
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