Saturday, October 08, 2011

How One Young World has shaped my vision?

Attending One Young World Summit as a retuning ambassador indeed was a very fruitful experience. As a convening Ambassador, I was supposed to lead the Media resolution. Thus, the co-founder of One Young World, David and Kate, introduces me to the stage with my background information including my present and past projects. After the session, some young people approach to me and asked about my projects, shows their interest and support on what I was doing. Talking with them about my projects and sharing some challenges about the projects, some of them give their suggestions and feedback how I could go better in the future. Some of them shows their interest to conduct the same project in their community and seek help how can do that. This year I have started girls mentoring along with another One Young World Ambassador and world pulse colleague. I would say this mentoring is a result from the last summit where Gifty, the co-founder of Greight Foundation shared her project with me and I was keen on it. Finally, I have started girl mentoring in Nepal. I feel so blessed and happy to work with these 15 girls from Nepal. I found that some of stories include the suffering of trauma either missing a father or working in relatives home to study. However, it has been little bit challenging because of lack of funding and these girls cannot speak English. There are three girls in Nepal who are volunteering their valuable time for this project. All of these stories inspired me to work more in the future.

Girls mentoring is just a start and there are more to come in the future. I have recently talked with another friend, where she has agreed to work with me in the future to provide scholarship for a girl and she is very interested about my dreams. She was the one who was besides me every time after I joined world pulse. I was only able to make One young World summit in London because of her. We will start with a girl and expand in the future. We are hoping to start next year. All of these projects will be part of my organization I am dreaming for the future. All of these experiences will help me to gather experience while I am pursuing my Master degree here in Korea.

Sometimes you need encouragement and support (moral) from people and one young world platform has been more than that for me. During IWHC young visionary grant competition, one young world helped me to gain votes from many of their ambassadors and later I won the competition. With the grant, I conducted a street drama and free health clinic in my own community because of this, my community has a very distinct perspective (positive) and respect towards me. I can proudly say that I have been the role model for girls in my community. This has been only able from the benefits of the likeminded network either like One Young World platform or World Pulse Media platform. Not only just for the dreams, I have friends (girl friends) where I can share my personal stories and experiences. One young world has been my second family. Families, who protect each member, love them, care them and support the flows. This is a house where many girls are seeking to live and I hope it will be able to provide the shelter for many dreams.

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