Thursday, January 26, 2012

Special Report on Wake Up Call Nepal and Their Movement

Photo: Sagar Prasai 
Photo: Sagar Prasai

The Wake Up Call is a global movement that is uniting youth worldwide under one message on one day: "World, this is a Wake Up Call". As a Wake Up Call Nepal Chapter, inititally A bunch of young people (Bishnu HariTripathi, Nilima Raut, Sagar Prasai, Saurav Raj Pant,and Sunita Basnet) have get together to demand the Ministry of Local Development to build physically disabled people friendly buildings in the urban centers of the country and are submitting the letter along with the 10,000 signatures. Physically disabled people's Issues has been highlighted by the Wake Up Call Nepal.

It is necessary for the Nepal government to build physically disable friendly urban structures and toilets in the city for the easy access to them. Even in the Capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, it seems almost impossible for the accessibility of the disabled people in every public places like colleges, universities, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals and shopping malls. Every government offices that are responsible to provide basic services to the citizens lacked physically disabled friendly structures. In such condition, people who are physically weak, especially wheel chair people are living very dejected life. For example, despite the fact that they have enormous capacity and proven expertise, they are deprived to read their favorite subject in colleges and cannot go to their favorite shopping malls and shopping centers.

On top of that, every public toilet in cities is not equipped for the disabled. Today, we are talking about the different rights and services in the country and around the globe for the marginalized groups but a disabled person in Kathmandu and other cities of Nepal are out of basic rights and services. In this present where every countries of the world have started to build the physically disable friendly structures but it is very frustrating and unfortunate that our country is lacking behind. Not only the disable people of our country but the disable people who may visit Nepal as tourist tomorrow may have to face difficulties in every steps and it is easy to guess how they publicize this issues in their home country.

Realizing this situation, they are going to submit a letter to Ministry of Local Development of Nepal, which is the outcome of the Wake Up Call Nepal Chapter Movement to take immediate steps towards building physically disabled friendly urban structures in the city. It further broadly emphasizes the understanding of the access and mobility issues experienced by the people with disabilities and to identify and specify the steps that can be taken in addressing these inequalities.

A major outcome of the International Year of Disabled Persons was the formation of World Program of Action concerning Disabled persons (WPA), adopted by the General Assembly on 3rd December, 1982 by resolution 37/52. The European Commission also highlighted the Design forAll (DFA) in seeking a more user- friendly society in Europe where urban design ensures that environment, products, services and interfaces should work for all ages and abilities in different situations and under various circumstances. Accessibility for physically disabled people has been practice in the urban centers of the world, for example Curitiba's public transportation in Brazil, wheelchair access ramps in Wroclaw, Poland and other utilities such astactile paving, automatic doors and low-floor buses.

Therefore, they would like to demand the government of Nepal to implement a policy to supervise and assess the plans for new buildings, and promote the equalization of opportunities for the physically disabled. Further, they demand for the strong government leadership and commitment to adopt this policy must be present in order for disability equality to be includedin the new constitution of Nepal.

I just signed the petition "Ministry of Local Development of Nepal: Promote the Equalization of Opportunities for the Physically Disabled" and wanted to see if you could help them by adding your name. They need your support to reach 10,000 signatures.

Shortly,, How can you support Wake Up Call Nepal's Movement
1. Like their Facebook Page:

2. USE their LOGO as your profile picture
3. Sign the Petition: (HELP THEM TO COLLECT 10,000 SIGNATURES)
4. Follow WAKE UP CALL NEPAL in Twitter @WUCNepal
5. Blog About THEM - but please let THEM know if you do so!
Please SHARE AND SHARE AND SHARE ...LETS SUPPORT EACH OTHERS.. HELP THEM TO PROTECT THE RIGHTS OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES. Collecting 10,000 signature IN 25 DAYS is not a joke and they need you. If you want to actively participate in this movement, please send them email at . Once you're done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!

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